Neighborhood Music School is the kind of place where life-long friendships are forged and students of all ages and levels of ability feel at home. Whether you are a school-aged student just beginning your exploration of the arts, a retired adult who finally has the time to pursue a musical interest, or a seasoned music or dance professional, you will find friendship, support and instruction of the highest quality at Neighborhood Music School. Many of our students and alumni receive prestigious awards or go on to exceptional conservatory and graduate level programs and professional appointments.  But many more are here simply because of an interest or a curiosity they are eager to explore.

There is no question our students are some of our best ambassadors. Talk to them at concerts and events, or when you're in our hallways. You'll enjoy their positive spirit and their enthusiasm.

Special Needs

NMS strives to integrate all students, with all levels of ability into any and all of its programs.  Through the exploration of music and related arts, many individuals with physical, behavioral and/or developmental challenges are able to express their creative potential and gain skills for further musical, social and academic growth.  NMS has a team of faculty members who are specially trained and experienced in working with students with all types of physical and developmental challenges.  Please inform our Placement Manager if you wish us to be aware of a student’s special needs when being placed with a faculty member.