Collaborative Choreography Initiative

When students are involved in the creative process, it develops the whole child. They benefit on a social, emotional and cognitive level. The Collaborative Choreography Initiative (CCI) creates a safe environment that accommodates each student’s needs and allows students opportunities to experience success during the process of making dances.


  • To give students, age six through adult,  tools, ideas and strategies for making dances
  • To give students an opportunity to practice higher-order thinking through the creative process
  • To build students' confidence in creating an idea or phrase, presenting their idea or phrase, making and refining their idea or phrase
  • To teach students life skills such as problem solving, leadership and team building through working with and communicating their phrases to other dancers
  • To introduce vocabulary, anatomy, dance history and dance in a social context
  • To introduce students to some possible career options in the performing arts

Fall/Winter Session:
Choreography workshop, first class of the month

  • Introduce one (two for older students) concept per class
  • Ask students to work alone, in pairs and in small groups to practice new concepts by using tools such as movement sentences, action words, improvisation, add-on games
  • Have students present their work and receive feedback from the class at large
  • Dancers will build on/expand phrases
  • During the month of December, implement a Nutcracker theme. This is a dance tradition around the world. Dancers will experiment with movement with the traditional music and variations of the traditional music. Dancers will make their own variations of popular dances from the ballet.

Spring Session:

  • With guidance from faculty, students use concepts and tools learned in the Fall/Winter session to make a piece/dance to be performed in Spring concert.