Adult Group Classes

Instrument Classes

West African Drum Circle

Ages 15 - adult. Explore the layered interlocking polyrhythms of West Africa while learning to play world percussion and hand drums with confidence. African drumming empowers us to find our individual rhythmic voice as it brings us together in cooperation, respect and cultural understanding. This class will focus on djembe, djun djun and conga drums. We will also introduce the gankogui bell and shekere. The rhythmic skills learned in these fun, fast paced classes easily translate to all other musical instruments. 

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Beginning Piano

Ages 18 - adult. Learn the basics of playing the piano in a friendly group of fellow beginners. Small class sizes allow for a high level of personal attention. Classes fill up fast, so register early. Great for building a foundation for future music study on any instrument.

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Performance Class for Pianists

Ages 18 - adult. A class for intermediate to advanced adult pianists to perform in a relaxed and friendly environment. During the two-hour class, three or four players will present works in progress and class members will be encouraged to offer constructive remarks. (Number of classes depends on amount of players, but is usually 12.) Not intended as a substitute for independent piano studies. Auditors are welcome to register. (See separate registration option after following the link below.)

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Vocal Classes & Groups

Rounds for Adults

Ages 18 and up. Come and join the singing fun! Whether you're a music reader or "quick study," we'll start with the basics and quickly move to more complicated material. The harmonies, rhythms and subject matter will surprise and delight. 

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NMS Chorus

Ages 18 - adult. We will be preparing several pieces by composers such as Weelkes, Brahms, Rutter, and Rodgers and Hammerstein. We will work on building a good sound as a group to enhance our music making and to maximize the joy of singing together. A basic audition is necessary. It will check for the singer's ability to sing in tune, have good rhythm, mimic short five-note melodies and check if the singer can sing "Happy Birthday" while the coach/director sings along with a harmony part. 

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Musical Theater Performance Class

Ages 18+. From Cole Porter to Kurt Weill, from Rodgers to Sondheim to Schwartz - If these are some of your favorite American songwriters, then this is the class for you!  Students will learn how to personalize their performances by telling a story.  This class will also help to develop your vocal technique and confidence!  No experience necessary, everyone is welcome!

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Vintage Voices

Ages 60 and up. A combination of music and movement for participants 60 years and up who want to stay active in mind and body. The movement component will encompass low-intensity modern dance. Vocal music of all styles will be explored during the music session. The class is designed to accommodate any level of physical ability and musical skill.

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Ages 18 - adult. Cabaret is a medium that combines the performers’ musicality and interpretive imagination in an intimate performance setting. Students in this class will explore different approaches to understanding what motivates a song, and work towards a public performance at the end of each term. Students will choose material in consultation with instructor. Informal interview is required. Teens welcome with permission of instructor. Maximum of six students per class.

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Group Class Rates

Group class rates vary depending on format and number of weeks, and are based on minimum enrollment of three students. Many classes can run with only two students, in which case the number of lessons will be reduced. 

Tentative offerings

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Singer Songwriter Workshop - Tentative

Ages 18 - adult. Come with ideas or come to be inspired. Learn to structure lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm to express meaning and emotion in your art. Drop ins welcome - workshop includes a coffee-house style performance monthly.