Adult Group Classes

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Instrument Classes

And the Music Played the Band: (Re)Discovering the Grateful Dead

Ages 16 - adult. The music of the Grateful Dead is one of the great cultural achievements and contributions of the modern era. Students in this class will discover how and why this band brought together the entire spectrum of music found in the United States: from Bluegrass and Folk - Free and Traditional Jazz – Blues, R&B, and Classical music. In addition to being a performance class, audio archives, first-hand accounts, visual art, media footage, and students own contributions will be presented to deepen appreciation of this pivotal group.

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Love in the Middle of a Fire Fight: Music, Magic and Madness in the 1960's

Ages 18 - adult. This class deeply examines the decade of the Sixties from the musical worlds of the British Invasion, Hippie Counter-Culture, Black America, the Mad Men Ideal, and the Social Justice Movement of the era. None of these happened in isolation to one another, and usually conflated in both constructive and destructive ways. Always volatile, the Sixties can be witnessed clearly through the music of the age - and for good reason. From Mersey Beat to Mods, from The Warlocks to Jimi Hendrix, from Ruth Brown to Sly and the Family Stone, from the infamous Pat Boone to Sinatra, from Dylan to The Stooges, and all points in between. We'll build a picture of the time by experiencing great music (studio recordings, bootlegs, outtakes) and the cultural expressions that surrounded it. In the end, we'll discover the power and importance of the art and culture of the Sixties and how it built the society that we currently live in.

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Guitar Basics - Summer

Ages 18 - adult. Guitar Basics - Summer

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Vocal Classes & Groups

Rounds for Women

Ages 18 and up. This singing class is for "tune-carrying" women who love to sing and who may or may not read music. Everyone learns the same melody and then the harmonic fun begins! Songs about nature, fun, time, love, sadness, peace, hapiness in various styles. Modern and contemporary repertoire. Join us in this Sisterhood of Song!

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Singing: The Basics

Ages 18 - adult. Singing relaxes, energizes and entertains. This class will teach fundamentals of voice production in a low-pressure group setting. Each student will receive individual attention and do plenty of singing! Note: If enrollment exceeds four students, class will be extended to a one-hour session. 

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Vintage Voices

Ages 60 and up. A combination of music and movement for participants 60 years and up who want to stay active in mind and body. The movement component will encompass low-intensity modern dance. Vocal music of all styles will be explored during the music session. The class is designed to accommodate any level of physical ability and musical skill.

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Group Class Rates

Group class rates vary depending on format and number of weeks, and are based on minimum enrollment of three students. Many classes can run with only two students, in which case the number of lessons will be reduced. 

Tentative offerings

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Singer Songwriter Workshop - Tentative

Ages 18 - adult. Come with ideas or come to be inspired. Learn to structure lyrics, melody, harmony and rhythm to express meaning and emotion in your art. Drop ins welcome - workshop includes a coffee-house style performance monthly.