Suzuki Music Instruction

What is the Suzuki Method?

In the 1950s the late Japanese violinist and educator Dr. Shinichi Suzuki recognized the parallels between young children learning to speak their native language and learning to play a musical instrument. For that reason the Suzuki method is also called the "Mother Tongue Method." Suzuki teachers train the ear before the eye: students are first taught basic listening and playing skills before note reading is introduced, in the same way that children learn to speak and comprehend before learning to read.

Suzuki Program

The NMS Suzuki Program is offered to young children beginning at age 4 or 5 and requires a combination of both weekly individual lessons and periodic group classes. Suzuki students must be enrolled in individual Suzuki instruction at NMS in order to take part in a group class. If a teacher feels a student is too young to participate in the Pre-Twinkle group class, the student will be enrolled in the class as an observer. For children under age six, a trial lesson is required prior to admission to determine the readiness of the child and the commitment level of the parent.

Main Components of the NMS Suzuki Program

  • Parents play a key role. The parent or person who will be supervising the student’s daily practice must attend all individual lessons and group classes with the child.
  • Daily listening to the music being learned is essential. Parents must create an environment in which the child is surrounded by the sounds he/she will learn.
  • It is critical that parents know the rudiments of the instrument and techniques of the method. For this reason, the first lesson for all new and transfer students will be for the parent only. The lesson will be structured to help the parent gain better insight and understanding of the Suzuki philosophy to support a successful learning experience for the child.
  • Individual lessons are the foundation of the NMS Suzuki Program, and are enhanced by required group instruction where students share their knowledge and motivate each other.

Complete this Individual Lesson inquiry and our Placement Office will contact you to help make a great match with one of our wonderful teaching artists. Suzuki instruction is available for the following instuments: cello, flute, guitar, piano, recorder, viola, violin.

Young children can increase their preparedness for the NMS Suzuki Program by taking one of our Early Childhood classes. 

Suzuki Instruction Rates

Suzuki instruction requires students to participate in both individual lessons and group classes. Students will be automatically placed in a group class when registered for the individual lesson.

Weekly private lessons can be 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length.  Individual lesson rates are the same as for traditional instruction.  Semesters typically run from 16 - 18 weeks.  

2015-16 Lesson Fees
30-minute lesson - $42.25 per lesson
45-minute lesson - $58.75 per lesson
60-minute lesson - $74.50 per lesson

Group class fees vary based on length, level and frequency of the sessions. Classes may meet weekly (strings, guitar) for 16 weeks or monthly (guitar, piano and flute) four times over the semester.

Michelle Zingale, chair, Suzuki piano and guitar
203-624-5189 x 53 or

Jody Rowitsch, chair, Suzuki string
203-624-5189 x 36 or