History of Neighborhood Music School

Click here to view a copy of A Short History of the Neighborhood Music School by former board member and musicologist Leon B. Plantinga.  The narrative was written to commemorate NMS's Centennial in 2011.

Leon B. Plantinga is a musicologist who has published widely on music and intellectual history in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. His writings have influenced scholarship on Clementi, Beethoven, and Schumann, and his textbook Romantic Music, translated into several languages, continues to serve as a standard textbook on nineteenth-century music in American and European universities. He has presented lectures, lecture-recitals, and seminars in North America, Europe, and Asia. Having served as a faculty member of the Department of Music at Yale University from 1963 to 2005, he is now Henry L. and Lucy G. Moses Professor of Music Emeritus at Yale. He is author of Schumann as Critic (Yale University Press, 1967), Clementi: His Life and Music (Oxford University Press, 1977), Romantic Music (W.W. Norton, 1984), and Beethoven’s Concertos: History, Style, Performance (W.W. Norton, 1999). Leon has participated in determining the direction and strategic growth of Neighborhood Music School, serving two distinct terms as a Director, from 1987 through 1997 and from 2003 to 2012.