Our Centennial

Celebrating Our Centennial

Throughout 2011-12 we celebrated in creative and unexpected ways. Here are some of the Centennial events we presented:

100 at 100: Oct. 2, 2011. One hundred performers at 100 Audubon Street added up to one amazing night! We filled the rooms and hallways of our school with 100 performing artists including faculty, current students, alumni and some special guests. It was a one-of-a-kind evening! See a slideshow.

Centennial Ball: Dec. 3, 2011. Ball-goers embarked on a unique journey through the last 100 years of music and dance. NMS artists invaded the New Haven Lawn Club for a night of delightful entertainment. Revelers chose their own adventure with a dinner performance in one of the several featured spaces and then danced the night away! 

• High C: June 10, 2011. This celebration of the Centennial at Woolsey Hall dazzled with dozens of performances by NMS faculty, students, alumni and special guests. Our premier ensembles were featured -- along with the premiere of a new work!
See a slideshow.