What People Are Saying About Us

What parents are saying about NMS:
"Last week I brought Nora, who is loving her lessons, down to a practice room to get a few minutes of piano time in. She got through "My Dog Spike" a few times, and then we heard someont start up on piano in a different practice room across the hall. He was AMAZING - playing something that seemed impossibly complicated and beautiful. So, instead of going through her song again, Nora and I simply stood in the hallway, and listened, which I figured was just as good a use of our time - if not better. I love that NMS is a place where - at any given moment - students of all different levels are inspiring one another, quite literally around every corner and behind every door."

“The joy that my son gets from his participation and the joy that I get listening and attending the concerts is invaluable.

“I love everything about the Dance Program, which intersperses classical dance with children’s improvisation and general fun mixed in.”

“I am beyond thrilled with how the class is run and would not change a thing."

“I am delighted to see my child be so motivated by a program [Summer Rocks!]. The environment is a great mix of warm and nurturing, while also challenging and geared toward great learning.”

“As my son stood before the audience performing at jazz camp, he totally lost himself, passionately nodding to the music, smiling. . . He will never forget that feeling.”

“NMS has become like a second home to my children. While they wait at their siblings’ lessons, they eat there, do homework, take naps and mingle with other children who are doing the same things. If it were not for the financial, social and personal support of NMS, my family would not be as skilled as they are today. NMS has helped to shape and build us. Thank you, NMS.”

“I send heartfelt thanks to those that make financial aid available for students like my son, who otherwise may not have the luxury of affording such priceless opportunities.”

What students are saying about NMS:
“Our coach gets our diverse group to play music that we think we cannot play, but when we play together, out comes beautiful music.”

“Thank you for what everyone does at NMS and for giving us such happiness.”

What parents are saying about the Preschool at NMS:
“Every teacher’s diligence and concern for my son assured me he was in a very safe and enriching environment.”

“An incredible space for our children to play, create, learn, grow and think.”

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