Fees and Payment Plans


What policies remain the same?

  • All past due balances must be paid in full prior to registration.
  • Classes awaiting minimum enrollment will have a delayed start and are prorated.
  • Individual lesson enrollments received after the start of the academic year will be prorated.
  • Financial Aid applications require a $50 deposit.


Will my tuition go up next year?
We are pleased to announce that NMS tuition rates will remain unchanged for the fourth year in a row! As a community music school, we feel it is important to keep our programs as affordable as possible for our community.

Do you still offer a payment plan option?
Yes! In order to keep our programs within reach, we will continue to offer students the option to spread their academic year tuition over ten installments. A modest 3% finance charge will help us defray the costs incurred by the school in processing multiple transactions. Our payment plans remain an attractive option for our students, as compared with annual interest rates of 15%-20% finance charges by many other institutions.

How much do I need to put down?
To ease the burden on our families, this year we are requiring an upfront deposit of just 10% to register.  Of course, you are welcome to pay in full should you prefer!

What are registration fees?
Registration fees help us cover personnel costs associated with student placement, scheduling and enrollment. In previous years, we assessed a $40 registration fee once every academic year for a familiy's first student and $20 for a family's second student. Our new registration software does not allow for multi-tiered registration fees. Therefore, our new registration fee will simply be $50 per family.

Are there any other changes I should be aware of?
Starting this year, we are instituting a late fee of $25 for outstanding balances after 45 days. This will encourage all of our student families to settle their accounts in a timely manner (the great majority of you already do!)

What is the benefit of priority re-enrollment?
With priority re-enrollment, you guarantee that a spot will be reserved for you in your teacher's studio next year. While we cannot guarantee a specific lesson day or time, those who register during this period will also be given preference in scheduling. Moreover, we will provide a credit of $50 per family for those who register between May 1 and May 15.

Lesson Fees

30-minute lesson - $42.25 each 45-minute lesson - $58.75 each
60-minute lesson - $74.50 each 90-minute lesson - $108 each


Enrollment signifies that you have read and agree to the Neighborhood Music School policies.